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GuideREI vs Traditional Real Estate brokerage firms in India

GuideREI is empowering its network of agents to guide clients make real estate investment decisions using technology and market research data, not intuition

Amit Singh Rawat
September 22, 2019

GuideREI is building the first end-to-end real estate tech platform in India, which reduces the friction and frustration associated with selling, buying, or renting a property by providing real estate agents with a set of powerful tools to increase efficiency and sales volume.

GuideREI's platform aggregates information across diverse data streams to support agents and homebuyers through the entire process, well beyond the initial home search. With disruptive technology, GuideREI is well-positioned for future growth in a sector that represents trillions in transaction volume. We use technology to help our agents and partners improve:

  • Efficiency: Our goal is to provide agents greater efficiency through the smart application of technology. Those efficiency gains should translate to the ability to work on and close more transactions ie. increase sales volume per broker.
  • Scalability: In a long run GuideREI's platform will help agents grow revenues faster than expenses, and leverage technology to become more efficient over time — especially when compared to traditional peers.

How GuideREI's technology enabled tools help real estate agents at every touch point in property investment process:

  • Step 1: Set up an appointment- Use GuideREI's "Online Appointment tool" to schedule meeting with customers.
  • Step 2: Find a locality- Use “Market Research tool” to find locality that match customer requirements/needs.
  • Step 3: Find a property- Use “GuideREI App/Website” to find properties that matches customer needs.
  • Step 4: Efficient legal paperwork- Use “GuideREI platform” to eSign and store documents online.

GuideREI's competitor analysis:

GuideREI is a technology company, not a traditional real estate brokerage, that enables Brokers to be more efficient.


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